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How to Increase your Body Weight Without Body Gainer

How to Increase your Body Weight Without Body Gainer :-  Everyone want to look smart, Nobody wants to be look fato. If you want to gain weight without body gainer then we have some simple steps to increase your body weight.

Common Mistakes to Increase your Body Weight

Eating fast food: Normally we are thinking, we are eating junk food. so, we gain weight faster than other. No doubt it, gain our weight but you’ll make bad nutritional habit which makes building muscle harder in long time.

Eating Too Much: you won’t make more muscle from 4000kcal to 5000kacl/day. But you will gain more fat, since your body won’t be able to follow.

Tips to Increase your Body Weight

Healthy weight loss need a balanced approach, healthy weight gain include more than eating fast food to your daily meals. To increase the healthy gains, try the following tips.

Go nutrient dense: With the eating of lot of calories and fast food, focus on food that are nutrient rich. With the high-protein meats, which helps to build muscle. And also eat nutritious carbohydrates, like brown rice and whole grains.

Add healthy calories:  Without changing your diet, with each meal you can increase your calorie by healthy side dishes, cheese. You can also try almonds, fruit. If your body needs 4000kcal/day to maintain body-weight then start eating 4500kacl/day to increase your weight. You  should make habit of eating breakfast . eat smaller six meals in a day instead of three large once. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, pre-bed and 2 snack.

Snack away: you can enjoy snacks that contain healthy carbohydrates and “good fats” which are good for healthy heart. Examples avocados, almonds, protein bars and crackers with hummus or peanut butter.

Avoid Fast food and Alcohol: In a day you eat six healthy meals per day and in a per week you eat four junk meals without gaining fat which helps in to loss fat. So, consume less limited junk food and alcohol.

Get Stronger  : With eating more will make you fato  rather than muscle. So, you need strength training. Strength trainer helps you to build muscle and stick to you diet. Some exercises helps to make stronger like By lifting the weight over and over doesn’t give your body to grow. You can do free weight exercises that will helps to make several muscles with the heavy weights.
Exercises like Cardio, squats and deadlifts.
Correct Techniques will be used, for maximal results do proper techniques like Partial Squats stress you body less than Parallel Squats.

Track Progress:  To gain weight you must eat more. By eating too much ,you’ll also gain fat. To decrease the fat gains you must take your daily calories depends on your progress.

Personal Status : Every week measure your body fat with fat caliper and take full body pictures every two weeks (front/back/side/).

Video for Increase Your Body Weight

Increase Weight Without Body Gainer

Best Weight Gain Meal Plan for you: If you need 4000 kacl for per day maintenance. Without gaining fat you want to gain fat. So, Now here your meal plan look like:
Breakfast: orange, whole eggs.
Lunch: salad, tuna.
Snack: banana, mixed nuts.
Post Workout: banana, oats, milk.
Dinner: pasta, tomato soup.

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